Leadership Word Of The Week…Proficient

Numerous qualities are needed to lead others. Nothing strikes more true to the core of leadership than the need for proficiency. A lack of proficiency leads to a loss of credibility, which destroys leadership influence.

Amidst all the ways to define proficient, words such as skillful, competent, accomplished, and adept are a few that provide a mental image of this week’s word.

Leaders are skillful. They demonstrate an ability to do what is needed and achieve a quality level of performance that can only be described as proficient.

Leaders are competent. When leaders are characterized as competent, they are capable and efficient, which leads to acceptable and satisfactory results.

Leaders are accomplished. To be accomplished, leaders are trained and prepared. They possess an ability to achieve success and build a solid reputation.

Leaders are also adept. The idea of adeptness brings us full circle. When leaders are adept, they display proficiency in all areas of their life.

Proficiency can be learned. It involves time and requires one to work hard. The mastery of leadership that results is worth the effort.

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