Expectations Of Leaders…Part 3

Another word used in the recent Forbes’ article concerning the expectations of leaders is “respect.” The article highlights the difference between recognition and respect; “The recognized leader appeals to the head where things are easily forgotten, while the respected leader captivates the heart – and the heart does not forget.”

Regardless of the environment or situation, people want leaders who respect and value each area they contribute to the achievement of organizational goals.

We understand the key role respect plays by leaders toward followers, but also regarding the need for leaders to gain respect. By their words, actions, decisions, follow-through, achievement, and numerous additional areas, leaders establish a foundation for gaining respect.

Few areas, however, gain respect more quickly than by showing respect for others. A couple of suggestions to accomplish this task include: 1) attention given to work accomplished, 2) time to build relationships, 3) accepting responsibility and giving accountability, 4) transparency, and 5) trust.

Leaders who strive to gain, earn, and achieve respect, lead with heart. They touch the lives of those who follow and change the power of teamwork in the growth of any organization.

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