Leadership Word Of The Week…Resolution

A resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. Approaching the end of the year brings a time where many people focus on making resolutions.

These resolutions come in the form of physical health changes (stop smoking or drinking, lose weight, exercise, etc.), fiscal changes (save more money, give more to charity, benevolence, etc.), intellectual changes (read more, take a class, earn a degree, etc.), and for some, spiritual changes (read the Bible more, pray more, attend worship more, etc.).

Perhaps other ideas play into who we are and what we do, but generally speaking, a resolution involves an improvement in some area of life. At times, these improvements better our own personal lives and sometimes they improve the lives of others.

Leaders focus on resolutions that include both because there is a need to improve who we are, but also to influence others in ways that improve their lives.

Let us all be encouraged to use this opportunity to consider how we can make resolutions that expand our leadership in ways that influence and improve life here and eternally.

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