Leadership Word Of The Week…Progress

When we think of progress, we often express the idea as a forward and onward movement toward a specific destination.

We also consider that progress is something we are able to measure. For example, if we have a goal of teaching 50 Bible studies in 2015, we know we are making progress toward that goal if we conduct 25 of those studies by the end of June. This is how we generally determine if we are making progress or not.

The biggest challenge facing the church or any other organization is the fact we do not know if we are making progress because we think in qualifiable, rather than quantifiable terms. We have a vague idea of what we consider to be progress, but have no idea if we are really making progress or not.

Leaders have the great and needed task of establishing short- and long-term goals that enable everyone connected to the organization to see progress. Here is where enthusiasm is ignited and greater involvement ensues.

We need to get out of the rut of the status quo and take the initiative to lead from the front.

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