Take A Field Trip…

Can we remember when, as children, we took field trips? There was a feeling of excitement that we did not have class, but we also felt an elation associated with experiencing something new connected to a new place.

As adults, the idea of a field trip involves a different perspective. Interestingly, a variety of leaders understand the value of a field trip within their organization, e.g. “Undercover Bosses.”

Consider the benefits for leaders who take a field trip.

First, we find a perspective of reality among individuals involved in the work. While the 30,000 foot view is essential to leadership, a 3 foot view is also needed to get a visual that is specific to the daily activities.

Second, we learn a number of lessons critical to designing plans for change. The discussion continues about “bottom-up” or “top-down” organizational development, and it may require both. A field trip allows the top-down leaders to see a bottom-up visual of needs.

More could be said, but consider what value our leadership might bring if we took a field trip to experience a new perspective.

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  1. Sis Kelechi Young says:

    Experience indeed is the best teacher.So through a field trip,a leader can add to his/her experience and become a good leader.Thanks very much and a happy new year sir.

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