In Sync With Leading…

To be “in sync” involves a leaders’ experience of harmony between their life (thoughts, intentions, goals, aspirations, actions, ideas, etc.) with the lives of others, especially those who are led.

Sadly, leaders often move in one direction while everyone else moves in a different direction. The result causes friction, confusion, confrontation, and potential division.

What can be done? How can leaders work with others in ways that leave both feeling “in sync?” Here a few suggestions.

Listen. The idea of active listening involves the ability to listen with the head and heart. Leaders must listen to what is said, how it is said, and understand why.

Equip. One of the most important and urgent requisites includes equipping others with the tools to accomplish the task. Frustration is eliminated when people feel ready to do the job.

Motivate. A leaders’ role to encourage others is key to working on the same page. Everyone wants and needs to know they contribute value to the process. Encouragement helps inspire the work.

Reward. When the job is done well and reaches its end, the achievement deserves a time to celebrate the victory.

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