Check This Out…

How many times have we heard someone say, “check this out.” In other words, something is exciting, interesting, or just bizarre enough that it is worth our time and attention.

When was the last time we checked out our leadership? Rest assured, others are checking out our leadership, but the self-evaluation of our own leadership development often goes unchecked.

Here are two tips for accomplishing this task.

1) Several use the terminology of a “character audit,” referring to an examination of our core values and how they align with the actual practice of our daily life over the last 30 days. If there are areas that do not measure up, do not make excuses or seek to justify the behavior. Instead, commit to change it.

2) Ask those closest to us, including family, what they see as the priority in our life. We might be surprised by those who have the courage to be honest with us. Generally, the way we see ourselves is not how others see us, and their perspective needs to be heard if we are to develop in our leadership.

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