A Defining Moment…

Occasionally, there are those events that become defining moments in our life. The birth of a child, getting married, graduation, critical decisions on the job, or tragedies make up those moments in life that often define who we are and influence who we become.

These defining moments vary from one individual to the next and the degree to which they define us are based on what we do in those moments.

Throughout scripture we find various leaders of God’s people who experienced a defining moment in becoming a leader. One such leader was Joseph.

Joseph experienced a number of defining moments: dreams, rejection by family, slavery, temptation, prison, and a rise to power.

There does not seem to be one moment that defined the rest, unless we understand the foundation provided by his father and mother to form his relationship with God.

The most defining moment in our lives as leaders must be built on the same. When our relationship with God is the defining moment, the decisions and activities that form the rest of our lives find their proper place.

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