Who Is In Control?

Control is an issue on every level. Too many fight the idea of losing control. Others are afraid of losing what control they have to someone else. Still, there are others living with uncertainty concerning who is in control.

One of the many challenges in the realm of humanity is the desire to have control. Our tendency is to want material possessions because we feel that if we own it, we can control it.

Sadly, our approach to money is similar. We hold on so tightly to our money that we fail to give as instructed by God. Additionally, we are challenged with giving, while still wanting control of how the gift is used.

The same is often true with our leadership. The desire to lead others can be an issue of control. We feel that if we are a leader, we control the direction and actions of others.

We struggle with the truth that there is only One who is in control, always has been and always will be. The sooner we give to Him what is rightfully His, the better our own leadership.

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