Leadership Word Of The Week…Contrast

The idea of being strikingly different from something else identifies a contrast. Throughout the Bible we find numerous contrasts made by various people.

Jesus talked about the contrast of light and darkness, building on sand or the rock, dividing the saved from the lost on His right and left.

James talks about the contrast of the rich and poor, as well as, wisdom from above with earthly, natural, and demonic wisdom.

Paul also contrasted the flesh and spirit, the strong from the weak, along with life and death.

These are only a few of the contrasts seen throughout the New Testament. When we examine leadership, we also find an application of contrast. The greatest implication, however, is connected to the definition.

Our leadership needs to be strikingly different from everything else. When the Word is our foundation, Jesus our Lord, God our primary guide, and heaven our focus, then our leadership will be strikingly different.

Developing our leadership in contrast to the example of leadership in the world is how the most significant difference is made in the lives of others.

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