Leadership Word Of The Week…Preoccupied…

To be preoccupied is to have one’s mind dominated or engrossed by someone or something to the exclusion of all else.

Leaders can certainly be preoccupied inappropriately and the results affect family, friends, work, and all areas of life.

There are, however, several ideas associated with this preoccupation that provide a benefit to the individual and organization.

When leaders are preoccupied with the word of God, they have chosen a path that leads to godliness. They see through the eyes of mission, they possess a heart of compassion, and minister with the legs and feet of a servant.

When leaders are preoccupied with the Gospel, they understand the urgency of reaching each soul they meet. No stone is left unturned, no obstacle is too great to overcome, no mountain too high to climb, no valley too low to walk through, and no challenge to difficult to meet because the salvation of others takes precedent.

While preoccupation is a two-way street, and can easily lead to a negative side, the point is for leaders to be preoccupied in the right and positive ways to change people’s lives eternally.

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