Leadership Habits…Part 2

Making a list of potential leadership habits that strengthen our influence could result in a lengthy document. Considering the potential, however, we ask: Are we willing to spend 21 days to develop habits that grow our influence?

The first habit is difficult: spending 21 minutes every day in silence for 21 days. This idea is challenging for at least two reasons.

1) Silence makes us uncomfortable. Try spending 30 seconds in silence before responding to someone asking a question, or waiting until they finish an expression of thought. Observe how uncomfortable they become waiting.

2) Our lives are filled with noise. We often cannot sleep without the television, music, ocean waves or something of like nature playing in the background. The same is true with getting into our vehicles; we turn the radio on, plug in a cd, or bluetooth our music from the phone.

Our minds never rest. The idea of sitting in silence without praying, thinking about work, or a hundred other thoughts is not normal.

If we could, however, develop a habit of silence, we might be surprised how our attitude changes toward others, situations, and our spiritual growth.

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  1. Good one. The need for silence is great.

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