Leadership Word Of The Week…Present

The phrase is coined often about being “present in the moment.” Not to take away from the significance of that need for every leader, but the idea behind this word takes a variety of directions.

When leaders are present, they exist now, in this very moment.

Spiritual leaders also present themselves to the Lord. The idea is based on an Old Testament reference to sacrifices. When one of God’s people brought their sacrifice, it was presented to the priest as an offering to the Lord, meaning they were surrendering all rights of ownership and any plans for future use.

Consider the idea as it relates to Paul’s instruction to Christians in Romans 12 that we present our bodies a living and holy sacrifice.

When leaders understand what they present to the Lord, the entire perspective changes concerning how they stand before God’s people to lead.

If we could all wrap our minds around the significance of this one practice, the culture of the church would change and our influence in the world would be immeasurable.

May we all present ourselves to the Lord!

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