Indifference And Lethargy…

Sadly, words which often characterize much of a society or culture begin to characterize the church. Examining the world and culture we live in reveals the problems of indifference and lethargy.

Our leadership must find ways to prevent and overcome these characteristics in the church.

What does this really mean? It means…

We must find ways to motivate one other to dig into God’s word.

We must increase the desire in the hearts of God’s people to assemble in worship.

We must fan the flame of enthusiasm in reaching out to others with the gospel.

We must energize the creativity of brothers and sisters in Christ to serve.

We must strengthen the hands of God’s faithful.

We must lift up the hearts of those who are weak and struggling.

Leaders can make an incredible difference by recognizing a few simple ways to change the direction of the church and ultimately the world.

When leaders see the opportunity and do something about it, preparing ourselves to make the needed improvements, persevering through the challenges, we overcome indifference and lethargy.

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