Keeping Leadership Positive…

Few people enjoy company with a “Negative Nancy.”

Yet, our world is immersed in negativity. Watching the news, weather, sports, politics, and more, reveals levels of negativity that are frightening.

Sadly, this carries over into school, work, home, and church. Just writing these words comes across as negative, so how can we turn it around and maintain a positive focus?

1) Spend time with positive people. We can easily get drawn into negative conversations that drain joy from our lives. Use the time God gives us to be with positive influences.

2) Stop and think. Before speaking or writing, consider how others will perceive our words. Decide to say something that builds up others in a positive way.

3) Eliminate excuses and justification. What we say and do is the result of a choice. When we avoid excuses and justification, we can focus on what is positive.

4) Be the most positive and enthusiastic person we know. Seeing these words is a daily reminder of changing the world by our own attitude, to be an influence instead of being influenced.

Finding a positive way to lead is worth our time. (See Philippians 4:8)

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  1. Great reminder, thanks!

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