Climbing The Leadership Mountain…Part 3

The third step up the leadership mountain is one that naturally flows with the progression of humility and the outward affection / mourning over the sins of others. The idea expressed by Jesus is “blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.”

Other translations use the term “meek,” but often times the idea of meekness is misunderstood as weakness and this does not relate the significance of this word.

Gentleness, as seen in this step up the mountain, is one that involves gentle courage. We are talking about the ability to handle situations with courage and an ability to do so carefully and thoughtfully.

Leaders who are not careful to give thought to their decisions and actions without considering the outcome for others, leave a trail of wounds that hinder their ability to lead well.

When leaders are considerate and contemplative of both decisions and actions, the approach of those who follow is one of gentleness.

Interestingly enough, synonyms for the word “gentle” include considerate, tender, compassionate, kind, and understanding. All of these words qualify the leadership of Jesus and should qualify our leadership also.

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