Leadership Word Of The Week…Ecstatic

What comes to mind when the word ecstatic is used? Energy, electricity, elated, euphoric? Truth be told, this word is not used often enough when it comes to leadership.

For some reason, leadership is generally seen as one that carries the responsibility of dealing with all the problems, negativity, and challenges of an organization.

Leaders are responsible for solutions, maintaining a positive morale, and addressing the challenges head-on in order to keep the company moving forward.

Rarely do we hear that leadership is glamorous.

Imagine the difference in leaders and followers if words like ecstatic were used frequently to describe the atmosphere. Consider the impact a leader has when a level of energy is the driving force to accomplish established goals.

What it comes down to is a decision to demonstrate this quality in our leadership. We can permit ourselves to be drawn into the negative side of leadership, or we can choose to step up with a different approach, changing our direction in ways that influence others toward greater achievement.

Either way, the choice is ours. Let us take the road less traveled and make an ecstatic impact.

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