Leadership Word Of The Week…Boundaries

The idea of boundaries is welcoming to some and frightening to others. A boundary is a line marking the limits of an area or activity.

On one hand, limitations can inhibit the creativity of those who need to develop their abilities and opportunities to explore beyond the norm.

On the other hand, limitations provide safety and security in ways that prevent drifting into areas that present risk, danger, and defeat.

Leaders need to know how to use boundaries properly. Followers need opportunity to spread the wings of creativity and explore beyond the status quo. At the same time, there must be strategic lines that minimize the risk of loss.

The beauty of our relationship with God is the fact He provides both. Regarding the message that guides us to the eternal home, boundaries are given to protect and provide safety.

He also allows us creativity in the ways by which we go with the message. The methods from one location or  person to another will vary and we need to explore ways to go beyond the norm without altering the limits of the powerful message that delivers.

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