Leadership Word Of The Week…Relevance

Technically, relevance is simply defined as “closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand.”

Considering the avenues by which relevance is applied extend far beyond the idea of a few defining words.

In the areas of education, one of the motivating factors that contributes to learning is the relevance of the material. When the objectives are clearly relevant, students are more driven to learn.

On a spiritual level, if the millennial generation is to be reached, we must show how the word of God is relevant. The message never changes, but how we present the relevance of the message does change.

Engaging others to follow our leadership hinges on the application of relevance.

Regardless of the area we address, leaders must be closely connected. The destination where we are leading others requires a vision and direction appropriate for the matter at hand. This is relevance!

The beauty of God’s word is the fact it was written with every generation in mind. The challenge is relevance.

Leading as God designed requires an understanding of how to make the message relevant.

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