Progress Or Progressive…

These two words present an interesting contrast of thought. By definition, progress represents an onward or forward movement toward a specific destination, and progressive represents a gradual step by step development.

In recent years, however, the idea behind these words has taken on a new understanding, meaning, and application.

Progress is categorized as a more positive attribute associated with the growth and development of an organization.

Progressive tends to fall into an area that describes the image of a gradual – step by step – movement away from a conservative foundation to a more liberal approach.

Obviously, we are aware of numerous emotions attached to the direction associated with both words. Considering the original definition of these words, however, points to a significant development in relationship to our leadership.

When leaders advance with a gradual step by step approach in an effort to move toward a destination, the opportunities for long lasting success are more secured.

Quick movements tend to only satisfy short-term needs and rarely last.

Progress and progressive are two sides of the same coin that, when used appropriately, bring long-term results that make a difference.

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  1. Sis Kelechi Young says:

    By God’s grace we shall always see progress in whatever we do in Jesus name.Amen.Thanks sir

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