Leadership Word Of The Week…Metabolism

The definition of today’s word introduces an interesting concept for leadership. Metabolism refers to the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life. If that were not enough, we also learn that two kinds of metabolism exist: constructive and destructive. One involves the work of synthesis among various components that strengthen life and the other breaks it down.

The application to leadership is not a large gap to cross. Leaders carry the responsibility of pulling together the processes needed to maintain life in this living organism called the church. We are also aware that two types of leaders exist in this realm. Constructive leaders work to synthesize the components needed to strengthen life and destructive leaders seem to constantly look for ways to tear it down.

We need to focus our energy as leaders in striving to be positive and build up the direction of the church through our leadership.

There will always be challenges to our leadership and obstacles to overcome, but constructive leaders will focus on ways to pull it all together and strengthen the fabric needed to maintain life.

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