Leadership Word Of The Week…Uplift

One of the greatest qualities of leaders is the ability to elevate or stimulate someone morally or spiritually.

Too often, the primary place of influence is the pulpit and it can easily become a place where we seek to support agendas, pet peeve’s, a hobby horse, or the latest religious fad.

Consider two key principles for public preaching:

1) A reminder of what the Bible says about sin is good, but unless the entire congregation is caught up in a specific sin, pointing out the specific sins of a few does not elevate the brethren morally or spiritually. Approach those caught in a trespass in a biblical manner and save the pulpit for encouragement.

2) Remember, those assembling together on Sunday (at least the majority) assemble because they want to do what God says. These faithful brethren strive to live according to God’s will. The time we are given is an opportunity to encourage them, lift them up. Using this time to belittle, degrade, or condemn them is counter-productive.

Much more could be said, but consider the importance and value of lifting others up in leading them to the cross.

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