A Day I Will Always Remember…

Today, my wife and I celebrate our anniversary. While this day will always be special, it is what I learn from her each day that continues to amaze me.

She teaches me the importance of focusing on the present. I find it easy to get consumed with tomorrow, thinking about the future and disconnecting from the present. She reminds me not to miss any moment.

She teaches me the value of service. If there is someone who exemplifies the servant’s heart, it is her. Every word and action is chosen on the basis of how it better serves others.

Above all, she teaches me what love means. From the first day, her love for me, her children, and now her grandchildren, stands as an example to emulate. The true biblical definition of seeking the highest good of others above herself is continually demonstrated toward all who know her.

To say that I am blessed is the greatest understatement of the millennium. I am not only thankful for her guidance, encouragement, example, and love, but I praise God for the opportunity to know a woman of such character. Happy Anniversary Sheryl! I love you TTBOTM.

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  1. Joshua Nador says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both. I am amazed at the kinds of this we learn from our wives. I am even more inspired by the things you allow her to teach you. Thanks for sharing. God knows we need your wisdom.

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