The Lost Part Of Leading…Part 1

Over the years, the idea of a “lost art” regarded a skill or trade that is not as common as it was once-upon-a-time. But what if we made a little twist to the idea as it applies to leadership?

The intent of today’s post is to lay a foundation for several posts that involve this twist. We will not explore the “lost art” of leadership, although numerous articles and books address the subject. Instead, our intent to to examine some of the parts, or components, that seem to be missing – lost – from the type of leadership God needs for His people.

If we were to ask, “What part of leadership is missing today?” how would we respond? What kind of answer would we give? What is missing in leadership today?

Perhaps we would begin with courage, patience, wisdom, character, vision, compassion, or even decisiveness.

These are a few of the areas we will discuss in the weeks ahead. While considering how these parts make up the “lost part of leadership,” we hope to explore ways we can develop these parts into a beautiful vision of tomorrow’s leaders.

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