The Lost Part Of Leading…Part 2

Examining several components in leadership that appear to be “lost” is quite subjective to the individual, especially when considering the various areas of leadership in the world today.

We could travel down the path of leadership in the home, business world, or civic and political arenas. For the purpose of our posts over the next few weeks, we want to look into areas of a spiritual nature and influence, specifically within the church.

Discussing these areas does not mean every congregation of the Lord’s people experiences this loss. Additionally, it does not mean that every individual who serves in leadership within the church suffers from this loss.

The purpose of these posts is to recognize there is a need to bolster leadership in areas that are missing or extinct.

The first area needing attention is courage. The role of courage is needed to withstand the influence of false teaching, to address difficult decisions regarding discipline, to stand for and behind right decisions (even if unpopular or unaccepted by some), and to do so with a gentleness and love that demonstrates concern for the soul of every individual.

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