Leadership Word Of The Week…Respite

Briefly, the definition of respite involves a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.

We have discussed numerous times the idea of leadership challenges. The role of leadership has and will never be easy. These challenges or difficulties can come from without and, sadly, from within.

The worst part is difficulties pile up and leaders reach a breaking point, a time where decisions are made that affect the direction of their leading. To say it is critical in these times to see the need for respite, is an understatement of galactic measures.

The type of rest or relief needed in these times is not a weekend get away, although such is helpful along the way. This type of rest or relief involves time away from all responsibilities associated with these difficult or unpleasant situations.

The greatest challenge is recognizing when this period of rest or relief is needed. Identifying those times in our lives can be subjective and may require assistance from others who are close to the situation.

Regardless, it is vital for leaders to identify these times and take respite.

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