Just A Little Longer…

Perseverance is a needed quality, certainly among leaders. The ability to hold on just a little longer is not always pleasant or easy.

What steps can help leaders grow in their ability to persevere? Numerous posts and articles share possible suggestions. A few of these include:

1) Speaking to God. Prayer is one of the most powerful, yet least used tools we possess. Going to God from the beginning makes the difference for the long haul.

2) Staying positive. In a world filled with negativity, this can be challenging. Remembering we have the ability to succeed can help us keep a positive mindset.

3) Setting short-term and long-term goals. Experiencing success in the short-term builds confidence in achieving long-term goals.

4) Starting small and working up from there. Victory in smaller areas fuels our willingness to persevere. Each victory encourages greater success in higher matters.

5) Seeing beyond the present circumstances. Recognizing “this too shall pass” is not always comforting in hopeless times. Take a moment to look beyond and consider the ultimate end.

With a few steps, leadership grows in their ability to persevere.

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