Leadership And Culture…

Does leadership influence culture, or does culture influence leadership? There is a great deal of controversy over the answer.

Examining the characteristics of culture from each decade over the last 90 years and the leadership of the country reveals interesting information.

The conclusion is split. There are times when it seems the culture influenced leadership. However, it would appear at times, leadership influenced culture, as with Harry Truman during World War II.

Amazingly, the definition of leadership changed each decade in relationship to the culture and the current leadership.

This is also biblically true. When men like Joshua led Israel, his influence led God’s people to remain loyal and faithful. However, we also find the mindset of Israel, at a divisive point, selecting Jeroboam as king. The result was spiritually devastating.

While we may never have a definitive answer, one thought is clear. God intends spiritual leaders to influence the culture and not the reverse.

The task before us is to be the influence in our world. Our prayer should be to arise and accept the challenge with courage and boldness. Eternity matters.

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