Finding Our Voice…

We live in a society that thrives on mimicking others. Phrases like, “I wanna be like Mike,” and “Who wouldn’t wanna be me” indicate the point.

Retail companies spend billions, if not trillions, of dollars in marketing campaigns that use entertainment, sports, and political figures for the purpose of selling their products. The idea is that if we purchase their products we will be like these iconic figures.

Often, the way we dress, where we live, the car we drive, the way we walk, and the way we talk are designed to imitate someone else.

Leaders are not followed because they are “like” someone else, but because they know how to find their own voice. They are unique, a pioneer in their own rights.

Is this what we seek from our leadership? From a biblical perspective, we are to imitate our Lord and Savior. His leadership style set a precedent that revolutionized His era and continues to the present day.

We know this style is not popular in the world, but when leaders practice this servant style of leadership, a revolution will also occur today.

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