An Expression Of Encouragement…

The more we consider the importance of leadership, the more we should recognize the necessity of encouragement.

We cannot measure the impact of an encouraging word spoken at the right time. Yet, we can see the fruit born in the lives of those who receive them.

The challenges that often occur within the family, the difficulties of financial stress, and the uncertainties surrounding job security can lead people to the brink of discouragement. In these moments, it is often an arduous task to turn it around. Everything looks bleak.

People need hope. They want to know they can overcome the obstacles encountered on this journey through life.

People want to know they are loved. Communicating in a language they understand takes many forms, but one that always carries weight is a word of encouragement.

The lives of people we influence as leaders accelerate when we encourage them in the activities that lead them to greater success.

Take a moment each day to write a note, make a call, or stop and speak to someone who can use a little encouragement and watch the difference it makes.

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