Passing The Torch…

The older we get the more we tend to realize how temporary life is on earth. As a result, it becomes increasingly important to consider the idea of passing the torch.

No one likes to think about death. We do not want to dwell on the fact others must carry on without us. The intent is not to depress us, but the truth is, we will all keep this appointment.

Since life is temporary, we need to consider our replacement. We need to pass the torch, but to whom?

Paul referred to Timothy as his “true child in the faith.” Paul was passing the torch to him. Paul also knew the value of Timothy doing the same and instructed him to do so.

We understand the value of having our children carry on the family name or traditions.

There is also a necessity of preparing men to shepherd the Lord’s church, fill pulpits with sound doctrine, and train teachers to lay the foundation for the future of our children.

It is all about passing the torch. Who will replace us? To whom will we pass the torch?

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