Leadership Word Of The Week…Improve

To improve is to work at making someone or something better.

Athletes practice daily to improve their skills. They work hard to get better.

Professionally, people enroll in continuing education classes in an attempt to improve their abilities at whatever level needed. We should desire to be a learner, improving our minds and abilities.

Spiritually, we follow the teaching of Paul in being renewed daily. Doing so improves our abilities to fulfill God’s will for our lives.

From a leadership perspective, our role is to lead in ways we can improve others. Our leadership must not be about us. It is about others. It is about leading them down paths of improvement.

When we improve life spiritually, the physical side of the equation cannot help but improve. We improve the lives of others when we:

…share the hope found in Christ,

…point to the reward of heaven,

…and teach application in word and deed.

We all need to improve. The challenge is learning to understand how we improve ourselves in the greatest way by improving the life of others. Think Souls!

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