Principles Of Leadership…Part 3

Seek responsibility and take responsibility for actions.

Leadership involves responsibility. The higher one goes in leadership, the greater the responsibility. As many have said, the greater the responsibility, the fewer the rights.

We could say we live in a culture where taking responsibility is not an acceptable practice. We could also say we live in a culture where the common practice is one of blaming others.

The problem is not cultural. This practice has been in place since creation. When questioned by God about eating the forbidden tree, Adam blamed Eve (and God for the woman given to Adam). Eve blamed the serpent. We have not changed much as people in the twenty-first century.

Leadership seeks responsibility and takes responsibility for their actions.

It is an interesting and powerful thought to consider: leaders give credit to the team when there is victory, but take full responsibility when there is defeat.

Rarely do we find such integrity and leadership. Yet, when leaders seek responsibility and take responsibility for their actions their influence grows. The result? People will follow!

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