A Birthday Tribute To One Special Woman…

Today is one of my favorite days of the year, my wife’s birthday. For all of you who know her, you know the incredible woman she is and all she means to so many. As I think back over the years God has blessed us with, I fail miserably at expressing what she means to me and the image of her true character. Somehow, words are inadequate to describe my true love and friend.

Beyond her physical beauty, she possesses an inner beauty that exceeds all. Her selfless character continues to teach me every day what love means. Her love for me, her children and grandchildren, is unmatched. The servant’s heart that beats within her demonstrates the most Christlike spirit I see in the world today. If there are angels on this earth, I am pretty sure I live with one, and I am thankful she claims me.

I pray God helps me to emulate the example I see in her.

Happy birthday to the greatest woman I know!

I love you TTBOTM.

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