Principles Of Leadership…Part 8

Train as a team!

Understanding teamwork and training as a team is obviously significant to the overall success of the group. However, there are some “do’s and don’ts” to fully comprehend training as a team.

Training and working as a team does not place everyone in an equal position. There are specific roles each member must fulfill in order for the unit to function properly. Problems will arise when anyone in a leadership position begins to navigate on their own and no longer follows the proper organizational flow of communication and authority.

Training and working as a team does place everyone on the same page. When a unit works as a team the goals are communicated and understood. Every individual understands their specific tasks to reach the goals. Also, each person is diligent to fulfill their responsibilities without casting blame on someone else for not carrying their weight.

Training as a team has great advantages for the development of any organization. This is especially true within the area of spiritual leadership. When we work together, each fulfilling our necessary roles, the group wins.

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