Leadership Word Of The Week…Motivate

This week’s word means “to give an incentive for action.” We know motivation carries a similar thought within specific contexts. For example, “we need to determine the type of motivation that enable us to reach the goal.” Or, “motivation for the group is needed.”

Leaders encounter numerous challenges, and one of the most challenging is motivating people who appear to be unmotivated. Appealing to the unmotivated may take different forms, but we can start by asking a few simple questions.

Do the people involved know they are supposed to do a specific task?

Do they know how to perform the actions required?

When was the last time they were reminded?

Are the reasons these actions are important clearly stated?

Are there clear guidelines of the consequences?

Are regular evaluations of progress in place?

Once these questions are answered, appealing to the self-interests of others can assist in the motivation needed. Learning these interests lays a strong foundation for how motivate others.

Remember, as leaders we strive to lead someone from point A to point B. Determining how to motivate others in this journey is critical to goal achievement.

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