Kerux…Confused Yet?

Kerux is the Greek word found in the New Testament translated as “preacher.”

Considering the influence of all Christians as leaders, the preacher would certainly fit.

There is something interesting about the origin of the kerux and the application to our leadership today.

The word was originally associated with a public proclaimer sent by the king. They  authoritatively declared the king’s law. The beauty of the kerux is found in the primary task of “preserving the integrity of the message.”

Of course the task of one who publicly proclaims the word of our spiritual King carries a great responsibility.

We should pray for all who choose to stand before God’s people each week to consider the serious nature of this responsibility. This position must not be used to promote personal agendas or ride the proverbial hobby horse. Instead, use it to preserve the integrity of the message.

There is a reason Paul was determined to know nothing among the church at Corinth other than Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

If we are going to change the world, we must first point people to Jesus. Think Souls!

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