Leadership Word Of The Week…Ambition

Ambition involves a desire to achieve something, usually requiring determination and hard work.

Defining ambition is not difficult. The difficulties arise when we consider where our ambition lies.

Are we ambitious to achieve financial security?

Is our ambition driven by receiving power and authority?

Would our ambition be characterized by selfish and physical priorities?

Or, can we say our ambition has a spiritual focus?

Paul identified an ambition that was spiritually and eternally developed, because our ambition is to please our Lord.

When our leadership is about pleasing the Lord it changes our approach to every area of life.

Relationships within our families will be shaped by Biblical principles.

Our conduct on the job is influenced by a God-fearing attitude.

Our approach to people who are outside of Christ is filled with a greater level of patience and compassion.

Beyond everything else, we worship with a greater understanding of the sovereignty of God.

When our leadership is driven by this kind of ambition the church will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior.

1 comment on “Leadership Word Of The Week…Ambition

  1. lindell says:

    Ambition is essential to leadership, however, focus of that ambition is the essential key. Whenever it becomes all about “me” one loses his right to lead anyone anywhere.

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