Great Bible Leaders…Paul – Part 3

In this series on Paul’s leadership, we looked at the areas of Paul’s life that made him a great Bible leader.

There are three more areas that created powerful leadership.

Confident: Paul’s confidence was not based on who he was, but Jesus and what Christ had done for Him. It is significant to note Paul’s expressed confidence in others, like the Corinthians and Philemon.

Disciplined: Perhaps the most well known use of discipline is found in 1 Corinthians 9. Paul’s purpose in speaking about discipline was to ensure the message of the gospel aligned perfectly with the example of his life, a testimony of consistency.

Faithful: Christ considered Paul faithful. Even though his past was an example of blasphemy, persecution, and violence toward the church, the Lord could see something greater.

Paul exemplifies many qualities needed for leadership. Our confidence should also be in Christ, not ourselves. We should discipline our physical lives to be consistent with our spiritual message. Leaders should always be faithful to our charge in the gospel.

If we do so, God will use us in powerful ways to make a difference. Think Souls!

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