Leadership Word Of The Week…Yesterday

Last week we talked about tomorrow. Somehow, it was only fitting to follow up with yesterday.

We are aware that we cannot live in the past, nor can we return to the past to change it in some way. If we all had a chance to live yesterday over, without any doubt, there are some areas we would change.

Yesterday provides a benefit to our leadership in several ways.

1) We can learn from the successes and failures of yesterday.

2) We can plan a better future based on the history of yesterday.

3) We can establish measures to prevent duplicating the mistakes of yesterday.

4) We can lead others onto a straighter course based on yesterday.

5) We can find joy in the pleasures of a life well lived yesterday.

Feel free to add to the list of ways yesterday provides benefit to our leadership. There is evidence that we all strive to survive the present with an anticipation of the future. However, we also need to stop on occasion and benefit from the past.

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