Finding Answers…

During life, especially when viewing children and grandchildren, we can relate strongly to the idea of looking for and awaiting answers for the various trials experienced in life.

Fear, anxiety, and frustration can take control quickly. However, we can eliminate these concerns when we learn where to go to find the needed answers during such times.

This raises needed questions when talking about leadership.

Where do leaders go to find answers?

When adversity occurs, where will the answers be found?

When questions arise, where will the answers come from?

Leadership involves providing guidance, direction, encouragement, support, and knowing how to give answers to help others overcome their fears, anxiety, and frustration. Where can a leader go to find the answers?

Prayer is always a good place to start.

Spend time listening to God’s word.

Counsel with others who have wisdom.

Learn the value of trusting in others.

Admit mistakes when they occur.

Never miss the opportunity to learn.

The more we learn the more we are prepared to provide answers for the questions plaguing others.

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