Unscriptural Or Uncomfortable…

These two words can often represent a very thin line when determining various practices facing leadership.

There is a difference in practices that make someone uncomfortable versus something being unscriptural.

The challenge for leaders is to recognize the difference, but how?

Know the book. When knowledge of God’s word is weak, leaders will not know if something is biblical or not. While it may seem obvious, the foundation needed is knowing the book!

Seek wisdom through prayer. Prayer is one of the most powerful tools and too often neglected. I am not talking about prayer before a meeting, but a “without ceasing” approach to seeking God’s help on decisions.

Ask the right questions. What does the Bible say about this matter? Is this practice tradition? Should this be continued? How will it effect the church? When and how should this be discussed with the church?

Be patient. No decision should be made in one meeting. Study, pray, and ask the right questions. Give it time, but be careful not to procrastinate.

Following a few guidelines will help leaders make the right decision on matters that are unscriptural versus uncomfortable.

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