Be The One…

“One tree can start a forest. One smile can begin a friendship. One hand can lift a soul. One word can frame the goal. One candle can wipe out darkness. One laugh can conquer gloom. One touch can show you care. One life can make the difference, be that one today.” Unknown

Leadership tends to be overplayed in the lives of most. We often think about leadership from the frontal point of view. We see a leader as the one out front, the one who gives instruction, orders, or makes the decisions.

At its core, leadership involves a type of influence that makes a difference in the lives of others. As we go through our day, can we be that one? Can we be the one who influences others with a smile, a hand, a word, or touch?

The answer is yes! This is what Jesus asks us to do as His disciples. Lead this way!

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