Uncertainties of Leadership…

Life can change in heartbeat. Tragedy often strikes in a moment. The loss of a loved one, the loss of a job causes a turn in the financial structure, and a hundred other areas can easily create uncertainty.

What will happen? When will these events occur? Why do these events happen?

There are questions that arise when we face moments of uncertainty. However, in those moments when our faith is challenged, we find the blossoming leadership of godly examples that surround us.

We often speak of leadership in the realm of someone within an organization, primarily the church.

The reality is that leadership begins in the home. The foundation of a mother and father who are dedicated to make sure their children are loved and raised to trust, honor, and obey a heavenly Father who loves them.

We pray earnestly before, during, and after tragic events occur in life. We must trust those prayers will be answered and know God will work through our lives and the lives of others to lead in ways that point to the Father of all.

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