What If…

What would life be like if we could take out the if factor? Eliminating the element of doubt would change everything for growth.

I am specifically addressing the plans we make concerning our relationship with God and the future development of His kingdom.

Instead of plans based on the if factor, our plans would be based on the power of God to work through us to accomplish His purpose.

Perhaps we need to ask ourselves if we really believe what God has said in His word.

Do we limit the power of God by the boundaries we have created in our own mind?

Do we believe God has the power to do far beyond all we ask or think according to the power that works within us?

When we believe that God can and will accomplish His purpose, even in spite of us, maybe we would stop thinking small and start thinking big!

What do we hinder God from doing because we have placed limitations on Him?

What would God do through you and me as leaders in the kingdom if our faith was greater?

Think big! Think Souls!

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