Why Leadership? Part 3

A description of the need to study leadership covers a wide spectrum. God’s design is the overarching premise by which we understand the necessity of leadership. Discovering the unfolding of a husband’s responsibility to lead in the home is a foundational component of this study.

As we continue to explore the reasons for this study, we must turn our attention to the church. One does not have to look far to recognize the urgency of the situation. The lack of leadership, or the  representation of poor leadership, is plaguing the church.

Decisions are left to the majority vote in a men’s business or congregational meeting. Sadly, the minority generally rules when this occurs.

Beyond challenges of this nature, the greatest consequence is found when congregations are led down the path of doctrinal error. According to God’s design, elders (leaders) were appointed to refute biblical or doctrinal error. The consequence of departing from or ignoring God’s design leaves congregations subject to misdirection and, ultimately, apostasy.

Tomorrow, we will continue to examine God’s design for the church in this area of leadership.

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