Why Leadership? Part 5

The result of implementing a plan for leadership not designed by God leaves the church following unbiblical leadership. Too often, such is the case.

If there is a greater reason to study leadership, I am unsure what it might be. We must focus on leadership development.

The question is, “How do we accomplish this task?” Here are two foundational suggestions.

First, we must focus on prayer. Recently, it was suggested the church spend a Sunday evening in prayer for the leaders of our country. While this is needed, should we not be more concerned with praying about leaders for the church? What will become of the church if we have the leaders we want for our country, but have no leaders in the church?

Second, we diligently need classes that prepare, train, and educate leaders. Consider the fact that we diligently prepare, train, and educate leaders in the corporate realm. Somehow, we have not exercised the same diligence in the church, and we are experiencing the consequences.

The time is now. We must begin immediately if we plan to change the future.

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