Competitive Leadership…

Our world is competitive. In nearly every area of life we find competition. Children learn early how to compete. They compete for the attention of parents, with siblings, school-mates, and in athletics.

Sadly, when we reach adulthood competition does not change. In fact, it usually increases. We become so competitive we lose sight of everything except winning. And, far too often we are willing to do whatever it takes to win.

We see this in sports, the political arena, educational realm, and religious circles. We become consumed with proving we are better than anyone else; we are right and it leads us to assume others naturally want to be like us.

I received an interesting quote recently, which seems to be appropriate, ”I am in competition with no one. I run my own race. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone, in any way, shape or form. I just aim to improve, to be better than I was before.” Unknown

Imagine the difference if leadership was built on this mindset, especially if coupled with the character of helping others improve themselves.

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