Ready for Change…

Change often meets resistance. Once we are comfortable with the status quo, settled into our comfort zone, and content with the “way it has always been” we must consider how to move forward.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” As much as the thought of change ruffles feathers, change is the price of progress. Why must we remind ourselves that change is biblical?

This post is not designed to deal with how the introduction of change led individuals and congregations away from the Lord. Perhaps we will address that subject another time.

The intent of this post is an effort to exhort us to consider how our fear of the negative side of change has stifled our need for change.

The proper use of technology, the introduction of new methodologies for teaching, and a general openness to evaluating what has and has not worked in the past would serve leadership well.

If the church desires to grow, spiritually and numerically, we need to be a bit more comfortable with change because growth does not occur without it.

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