Are You A Leader?

A distinction can be made between the concept of leadership and that of being a leader.

A segment of those who write about leadership indicate a small percentage (2-3%) of people in our world are leaders. Another segment of authorship claims everyone has a sphere of influence that includes friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc. Thus, we are all leaders to a degree. The exercise of our influence, however, may determine the type of leader we are or are not.

On the other hand, leadership seems to indicate the use of power to direct a group of individuals toward an objective, a purpose, vision, or certain goals associated with these areas.

If we make this distinction, then the number of those who possess the authority to direct is fewer. Additionally, few desire this authority.

We should remember something I once heard, “If you want to be a leader, then think, speak, and act like a leader.” The idea speaks to how our thoughts, words, and actions affect every relationship.

If we start here, then perhaps leadership will take care of itself.

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